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Create 100% Perfectly Formatted Ebooks




Are you one of the many author or somebody who wonder how to go about publishing an ebook personally?

Finally, a system that solves your problem and get your write up to the eyes of the readers. And potentially earn a passive income while Enjoying your Time!!!

Learn How To:

  • Self Publish your Ebook
  • Publish your Ebook at Kindle, LULU and SmashWords
  • Get your Book Accepted on iBookStore
  • How to create an Interactive Ebook
  • and Never Worry about eBook Formatting Ever Again!!!


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kindle Ebook Formatting is EXCRUCIATING!

Did you know that 95% of the people who manage to publish an ebook for the Kindle never sell a single copy. It’s not thier content. Most of the time the author has probably spent hours, even days or weeks writing the ebook. So why do they fail! Well it’s the final step before you upload to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or whatever – Formatting the ebook!


All you have to do is Google the phrase “Kindle formatting issues” and you’ll see what I mean.
This is one of the main reasons why there are so many ebook formatting services online. Most charge a monthly fee of $27 or more. They take your manuscript and then format the ebook so that Amazon KDP or Barnes & Noble accepts the ebook without any glitches!
So That’s why you need The Ultimate Ebook Creator (UEC). This tool is so easy to use even my grandma can crank out ebooks with a single click. UEC takes care of all the complex formatting, so you can can focus on the content which is what you like to do! The Ultimate Ebook Creator takes care of all complex XHTML, HTML, CSS and all other format related techie nerdy stuff that you can just don’t need to worry about!

Never Worry About Ebook Formatting Ever Again!

Here’s the good news. Ultimate Ebook Creator takes care of all the complexities of formatting your ebooks once and for all. This is because UEC creates your ebooks from the ground up and generates 100% clean and lean XHTML code – unlike Calibre that tries to convert a Microsoft Word document with all that junk formatting hidden characters that make your ebooks look like c***! You know what I am trying to say! Now even though your ebook may look ok from a formatting point of view but the XHTML code it creates is just horrible and bloats your ebooks with junk code that increases the size of your ebook. Amazon KDP and other platforms have a maximum size limit for your ebooks and if you have images then you are at a greater risk of having an ebook that exceeds the max size limit!

Ultimate eBook Creator Features

  • Built in WYSiWYG Editor – No need for Microsoft Editor

  • Create Amazon Kindle Ebooks

  • Create Barnes and Noble – “The Nook” ebooks

  • Create Apple iBookStore – EPUB eBooks

  • Create Apple iBookStore – EPUB eBooks